Using Excel to create a feedback file for Post 'Em

For use with Post 'Em, your feedback file should be an Excel spreadsheet saved in .csv (i.e., comma-separated values) format. The first row of the spreadsheet must contain headings (i.e., labels for the feedback data you provide in the rows below), and the first column must contain the usernames of your site participants.

To create a feedback file in Excel, follow these steps:

Create a new .csv file

  1. In Excel, from the menubar, click File, then New, and create a new blank workbook.

  2. In the menubar, click File again, and then click Save As....

  3. Next to "File name:", enter a short, simple name for your feedback file (e.g., B403spring06).

  4. Next to "Save as type:", use the drop-down list to select CSV (Comma delimited).

  5. Make note of the directory to which you're saving (or use the "Save in:" drop-down list to choose another location), and then click Save.

    Note: If you save an Excel file in another format (e.g., .csv instead of the default .xls), you most likely will see two warnings about formatting, data, and other features that might be lost. Because these directions are for creating a new file from scratch (i.e., one that doesn't contain any data yet), you can ignore these warnings. When you see, "The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets", click OK. When you see, "filename.csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (Comma delimited...", click Yes to keep the file in .csv format.

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Last modified on January 21, 2006.