Viewing and interpreting cumulative scores

In the Gradebook, both students and instructors can view current scores.


When you enter the Gradebook, depending on what information your instructor has released, you will see one or both of the following:


Setting score display options

You may choose whether to display students' "Cumulative Score" or "Course Grade". To do so, follow the directions below:

  1. In the menubar of the relevant worksite, click Gradebook.

  2. Click Grade Options.

  3. To show students only the work they have completed so far, check Display assignment scores and calculated grades to students.

  4. To show students all counted assignments, with blank entries counting as zeroes, check Display course grades to students now. Note: A student's calculated grade is based on all counted assignments. Blank score entries for counted assignments are treated as zeroes.

  5. If you want to display both scores to students, check both boxes.

Viewing grades

When you enter the Gradebook, you will see a list of available assignments and a "Course Grade" list. You can view cumulative scores using one of these options:

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