Viewing forums, topics, and messages

To read your messages, and see the list of forums, click Message Center in your site's menubar.

On the Message Center screen, the Private Message area is always on top, and the Discussion Forums area is on the bottom.

Private Message area

The Private Message area contains private correspondence with other individuals or groups. Messages are organized into default Received, Sent, Deleted, and Draft folders. The total number of messages and unread messages for each folder is displayed next to the folder's title. To see the contents of any folder, click the folder's name.

Other functions available in the Private Message area are as follows:

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Discussion Forums area

Note: There are no default forums in the Discussion Forums area. No forums will appear here until the site creator (or someone with an appropriate role) creates them.

Forums are listed with their titles and short descriptions (if created) displayed. Beneath the forum title, topics are listed by title, and include a short description (if created). A count of messages (total and unread) is shown for each topic. If a topic has an attachment, its filename and size will be displayed. Click the filename to open the attachment, or save it to your computer.

Clicking the name of any forum will open the Forum Detail view, which is an isolated view of a particular forum and its topics. Clicking the title of any topic will display all messages for that particular topic. If a full description of the topic exists (i.e., if the topic's author added the description in the Topic Settings screen), click Read Full Description to view it.

Depending on how the forum settings are configured, and your role within the site, the following options may be available:

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Last modified on January 04, 2006.