Viewing your roster

To view your class roster, in your site's menubar, click Roster.

Note: If you don't see the Roster tool listed, the site owner may have chosen not to use it. Site owners can add the Roster tool using Site Info. For instructions, see Adding, editing, or removing tools on the menubar using Site Info.

The view

By default, participants are separated by role, and listed alphabetically. To customize the view, do the following:

To view a participant's profile, click Profile next to the person's name.

Participant images

Site participants can view images (i.e., photographs or avatars) that other participants have set in their profiles. To do so, atop the Show Roster page, click Show Pictures.

Participants whose roles include site update permissions (typically instructors, assistants, and project owners) have the option of viewing the official ID photos of participants. To do so, atop the Show Roster page, click Show Official ID Photo. For more information on participant roles, see Participant roles.

If no photo or image exists, you will see a "No Picture is Available" message.

To hide the the images, click Hide Pictures or Hide Official ID Photo.

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