Information about good practices in teaching and learning

The Teaching & Learning Technologies Centers (TLTC; formerly TLTL) at Indiana University Bloomington provide an Instructional Strategies resource Web page that offers information about both general and classroom practices, and using technology in teaching and learning. They also offer advice and the latest information about technologies for detecting and deterring plagiarism. You can access this site at:

The SBC Fellows Program at IU is designed to promote innovation in teaching and learning as facilitated through the use of information technology. The program calls upon innovators to serve as faculty mentors to others in their disciplines, contribute good practices information to the Knowledge Base repository, and participate in at least one Summer Leadership Forum.

The Technology Assessment Grant (TAG) Program at IU was introduced in 2001 by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT), and ran through 2003. The purpose of the program was to encourage faculty to study the impact of educational technology on their practices and on student, course, or program outcomes.

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