Controlling who may send Email Archive messages

Note: To complete the procedures in this document, you need to be assigned a role that has the necessary permissions. To find out what your role is, follow the directions in Participant roles. To see a list of what permissions are associated with a given role, see Permissions, roles, and tools. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and Roles: Overview.

In a course or project site, you can determine who may send Email Archive messages by following these steps:

  1. In the menubar of the project or course site, click Email Archive.

  2. Click the Options... button.

  3. Under "Accept messages from", click the radio button beside Anyone to allow anyone to send mail to the archive, or click Only site participants to so restrict sending.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Use of the Permissions button on the main Email Archive screen can affect this setting, so be sure that your settings are compatible.

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Last modified on November 16, 2005.