Resources: Overview

What it does

The Resources tool is the most widely used feature in classes and collaborations. In Resources, you can make many kinds of material available online. There are three types of resources: documents (e.g., word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, plain text), links to websites, and simple text documents that display right on the page.

In Resources, you can post up to 10 items at a time, post items outside of folders, create folders inside other folders, and create HTML documents.

Using the Permissions feature, site owners can control which types of users can read, post, revise, and/or delete files in specific folders. Site owners and instructors can make a resource available to anyone by choosing to post it with the "public view" setting checked.

Key concepts

Viewing resources: When you click Resources in a site's menubar, you will see a list of that site's resources and folders containing resources. Click a resource's title to open it. To view the contents of a folder, click the folder icon next to the folder's name or the name itself to open it, or click the black arrow next to the folder's name to expand it (i.e., make its contents visible without opening it).

Sorting resources: You can sort the resources by title, size, resource creator, and last modified date.

Things to consider

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Last modified on December 05, 2005.