Course and project sites: Overview

What they are

Using a web browser, you can choose from features and functions to create course and project sites that meet your needs. Here are some examples:

Note: No knowledge of HTML is necessary.

Key concepts

My Workspace: When you log in, you will automatically open a site called My Workspace. All users get their own My Workspace site.

Tabs: You may also see tabs for one or more course or project sites, depending on how many sites you belong to or create. If you are a member of more than four or five sites, you'll find them in the More drop-down menu.

Menubar: Course sites and project sites can have just a few or several functions (including announcements, a schedule, an online discussion area, assignments, electronic resources, a chat area, and more). When you create a site, you choose which tools to include, and they are added to the menubar along the left side of the screen. To access a tool, click its name in the menubar. Sites also have a "homepage", which you can access by clicking Home in the menubar.

Things to consider

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