Assignments: Overview

What it does

For courses, the Assignments tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments. Assignments are private; student submissions are not visible to other users of the site.

The Assignments tool offers multiple grading options, including letter grades, points, checkmarks, pass/fail, or ungraded.

Assignments can also be returned, with or without grades, for re-submission. Instructors can download all submissions to an assignment to their computer at once. When instructors release grades for an assignment, students can access instructor comments and their grades.

Key concepts

Student View: Student View allows you as an instructor or site maintainer to view assignments as they would appear to your students or project participants. To learn more about using Student View, see Seeing how assignments look to participants.

Honor Pledge: This option requires students to click a checkbox affirming that they have neither given nor received aid on an assignment before they can submit it.

Things to consider

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