Customizing your view of Discussion categories and topics

When you click Discussion in the menubar, you will see a list. Under each category, you'll see any topics and replies that have been added. To view the categories and all the topics and replies, click Expand All. To view just the categories, click Collapse All.

If a topic has replies, click the small paper stack icon to expand the view so that a top-level item and all the replies below it are visible.

Layout options

The Discussion tool uses two frames to display discussion topics and replies. You can change the layout to a vertical (two-column) or horizontal (two-row) layout by using the "View:" drop-down list. In the Column Layout, the left frame shows the hierarchy of categories, topics, and replies. Clicking a topic or reply shows the content of the message in the right frame.

In the Row Layout, the top frame shows the hierarchy of categories, topics, and replies; the content appears in the bottom frame.

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Last modified on November 16, 2005.