Posting an announcement previously saved as a draft

Note: To complete the procedures in this document, you need to be assigned a role that has the necessary permissions. To find out what your role is, follow the directions in Participant roles. To see a list of what permissions are associated with a given role, see Permissions, roles, and tools. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and Roles: Overview.

To post an announcement that you previously saved as a draft, follow these steps:

  1. In the menubar of the relevant course or project site, click Announcements.

  2. The title of any draft announcement that belongs to you will have the prefix "Draft" appended to the title. To open a draft, click its title.

  3. Make any needed updates or changes. To choose how to notify participants about a posting, from the "Email Notification" drop-down menu, select either None - No notification, Low - Only participants who have opted in, or High - All participants.

  4. To preview your draft before posting it, click Preview. To save your changes without posting, click Save Draft. To save your changes and post without previewing first, click Add Announcement. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.

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Last modified on December 13, 2005.