Using the WYSIWYG editor

When a tool requires you to enter text, you can use the WYSIWYG editor to control the graphical appearance of the text you add.

The WYSIWYG editor incorporates a formatting toolbar that is similar to those found within common word processing applications, and allows you to:

Note: The formatting toolbar will not work in Safari, but does work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla browsers. In Firefox, you may not at first see a cursor inside the WYSIWYG editing box; once you start typing, the cursor should appear.

Options and icons

The following options are available from the WYSIWYG editor's formatting toolbar:

Other formatting options and their corresponding icons are listed below:

The boldface text icon
Boldface text
Boldface text: Changes the selected text to boldface
The italic text icon
Italic text
Italic text: Changes the selected text to italic
The underline text icon
Underline text
Underline text: Underlines the selected text
The strikethrough text icon
Strikethrough text
Strikethrough text: Places a horizontal line through the middle of the selected text
The subscript text  icon
Subscript: Creates subscript text, which is set lower than the baseline
The superscript text  icon
Superscript: Creates superscript text, which is set higher than the baseline
The undo action         icon
Undo: Undoes the action
The redo action         icon
Redo: Repeats the action
The font color         icon
Font color
Font color: Gives font a color
The background color         icon
Background color
Background color: Provides background color for text
The flush left icon
Flush left
Flush left: Aligns the selected text on the left margin
The centered text icon
Centered text: Centers selected text at equal distance from the left and right margins
The flush right icon
Flush right
Flush right: Aligns the selected text on the right margin
The justified text  icon
Justified: Aligns selected text on both the left and right margins
The increase indent icon
Increase indent
Increase indent: Increases the indentation of selected text
The decrease indent icon
Decrease indent
Decrease indent: Decreases the indentation of selected text
The horizontal rule icon
Horizontal rule
Horizontal rule: Draws a horizontal rule on the selected line
The help icon
Help: Opens the Help screen containing descriptions of the various functions available on the toolbar
The about icon
About: Opens the About HTML Area information screen

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