Modifications to published assessments

Note: To complete the procedures in this document, you need to be assigned a role that has the necessary permissions. To find out what your role is, follow the directions in Participant roles. To see a list of what permissions are associated with a given role, see Permissions, roles, and tools. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and Roles: Overview.

You can modify the settings, parts, and questions of any assessment listed under "Core Assessments". When you publish an assessment, a copy is created and listed under "Published Assessments". For the published copy, you can make changes only to the "Delivery Dates" and "Gradebook Options" settings.

Note: After you've published an assessment, if you modify its "Core Assessments" copy, you'll have to alter the assessment's name before publishing it. When you publish it, you'll be creating another copy under "Published Assessments", not replacing the existing published copy.

You cannot delete a published assessment. You may, however, change the "Retract Date" on an assessment so students cannot access it. To do this, see Retracting a published assessment.

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Last modified on November 16, 2005.