What to do if you click your browser's Back button

The application is designed to function independently of your browser buttons. If you change your mind about a task, such as posting a syllabus or a resource item, you need to rely on the buttons within the application to cancel the action instead of your browser's Back button.

If you click the Back button before completing a task, then the next time you try to use that tool you may return to the uncompleted task; if this happens, you will need to click Cancel before you can do anything else in that tool.

You may also lock the tool so that it cannot be used by yourself or by other people (i.e., other people with equivalent roles for the worksite). In that case, you can try to clear the lock by clicking the reset button (the upward-pointing arrow in the upper left corner of the tool). If this does not clear the lock, log out and wait at least 15 minutes before logging back in.

This is document arbc.
Last modified on November 16, 2005.