Exporting scores from the Gradebook

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From the Gradebook, you can export your students' scores to a Microsoft Excel file by their cumulative score for the course and with the student roster. To export scores from the Gradebook, in the relevant course site, click Gradebook from the menubar, and then follow the appropriate steps below.

Export cumulative scores

Under the list of assignments, click the Course Grade link. You will see a course summary with an average score for your entire class and your grading table. To export your course scores to Microsoft Excel (.xls) or .csv format, click the Export for Excel or the Export CSV button.

The default filename format for your file is course_grade_[courseID]__date.*. The exported fields and the names of the Excel column headers are "Student Name", "Student ID", and "CourseGrade". The full student display names and complete assignment names are exported. Assignment point values will only export up to two decimal places. Scores are listed in the assignment name column.

Export scores from the student roster

At the top of the Gradebook, click the Roster link. To export your roster (including student grades) to Microsoft Excel (.xls) or .csv format, click the Export for Excel or the Export CSV button (located near the bottom of the page). For more information about exporting scores from the student roster, see Viewing and exporting student roster from the Gradebook.

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