Using help

To use the Help window (i.e., this frame and the frames on the left), follow the instructions below.

Finding the topic you want

Under "Contents" in the bottom left frame, you'll see a list of topics that are linked to menus of relevant help documents. Each menu contains a link to a general overview of the topic, plus several "How do I?" documents that describe specific tasks.

Use the top left frame to locate information within the Help documentation. To do so, in the "Search" field, enter your search terms, and click Search. Your search results will appear within the Search frame.

Search tips

If you are not finding the information you need when you search, consider these guidelines for effective searching:

Ask a question


Your feedback is valuable, and contributes to the accuracy and usability of the Help documentation. If you have any comments or suggestions, click Comment on this document at the bottom of any Help document, fill out the resulting form, and click Submit.

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